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Scotland is Mine?

Why is the blog called Scotland is Mine?

Since the age of eight I’ve been dreaming of moving to the UK. During my time at Sofia Skolan (aged 13-16) I came to love Morrissey and his music. A specific line in one of Morrissey’s songs caught my imagination, “England is mine, and it owes me a living.” I then decided that when the day came that I should move to England I should have a blog with the name, “England is Mine”. Three years on and I’ll be moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. Hence, Scotland is Mine!

Who is this ByronBlue?

I’m a nineteen years old girl who currently live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love to write and create stories, I would love to become an author! Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I must admit that Rowling is probably the biggest influence on my writing (without me fully realising it). But I also like John Steinbeck, Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, David Peace and many more great authors. I’m also a huge movie fan! Reservoir Dogs, the Godfather, Kes, East of Eden and Control are among my favorite movies. I would like to be part of a movie, as an author, director or just a crew member. Other than watching movies and writing I love to play games like Sims 3, Pokémon, GTA and Mass Effect.

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