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Change of Events

October 29, 2011

Things have changed. Writing this in Stockholm.

Stockholm Winter

It’s strange how quick you can get to something completely different. Two hours on an airplane and you are in a new country. After certain changes in the au pair family I stayed with my au pair services were no longer required. Since I already planned to go back for christmas and stay in Stockholm to study there was no real point of staying in Edinburgh for one and a half months. By the time I would have arranged a job and place to stay I would go back. However, I will most definitely apply to Edinburgh University for this autumn.

Plans until christmas.

1. Participate in nanowrimo and write a novel of 50 000 words, although my aim is 75 000 words in November.

2. Try and find a part-time job.

That’s all I know. And for me that’s very little planning. Maybe it’s a good thing, I like to hope it is.

Things I’ll miss not being in Edinburgh anymore.

* The Harry Potter Society (including of course all awesome people in it!)

* IQA quidditch.

*Speaking English.

*Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s, HMV, Paperchase, Paper Tiger.

*Feeling like I’m in the right city. Walking the streets and just feeling at home. At least I found the city that is mine. Edinburgh truly is my city!

Things I won’t miss about Edinburgh.

*Crazy traffic.

*Walking up hill where ever you go.

* The liquid sunshine.

*Cold houses.

But one thing is for sure. Things aren’t really that bad. I’ve had some awesome four months. I’ve grown immensely as a person, made awesome friends and (at least I hope) improved my English. Having Stockholm as my other home is not to bad either. Stockholm is an amazing city, with great people, cool shops and friendly traffic. One experience richer and in about a months time I’ll have written another novel. If you are interesting in taking part in the proof-reading group (either for grammar or just for your opinion or both) I would be thrilled to hear from you!

This blog will now focus on my life in Stockholm (written in English)but Scotland is still mine!


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