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June 17, 2011

Hello World!

I’ve been a bit absent from this blog for a time now, for that I’m sorry. But you know what? When I actually move to Edinburgh this will be the most epic blog on the internet. You will want to read it, perhaps twice even.

But what have she been so busy doing? you might ask yourself. The simple answer: Graduation! Graduation in Sweden is a big deal, or at least a day-long party. Starting at 8 am with champagne and strawberries. Continuing, then at 1 pm you ran out from you school to meet your proud family. In your hand you hold your grades and in your soul you are happy. Hugs and kisses for an hour. Then you go onto a lorry platform, now you have changed your clothes. All of a sudden you have beer everywhere. On your clothes, under your clothes, in your hair and your eyes. But still, you are happy. The lorry leave the school, loud music ringing in your ears. After two and half hours of beer throwing and screaming of happiness you return home to your family. Quickly, into the shower. The old you comes out, the you who wasn’t soaked in beer and who had nice make up on your face. Now it’s time to eat and celebrate, again. After speeches and congratulations you leave home again. This time to party. It’s almost morning and you are back. Your ears ringing and with on thought in your head, it’s over, schools out for ever. But then you realise, you still have university, you smile.

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