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Brighton Rock

May 6, 2011

The novel Brighton Rock written by Graham Greene was published in 1938. In 1947 a film adaption was made with Richard Attenborough in the leading role as Pinkie Brown. Now in 2011 a new movie is going up on the cinema, today was the premiere. As a loyal fan of Greene, Sam Riley and crime fiction I of course attended it.

The story in Brighton Rock is quite simple. Takin place in Brighton during the middle of the sixties (unlike the novel which takes place during the thirties), the war of mods and rockers is very vivid. But in the underground criminal world another war is in process. A war between two gangs, Kite’s and Colleonie’s. Very early on Kite is killed and his loyal intelligent thug Pinkie Brown (Sam Riley) sees it as his obligation to revenge his mentor Kite. The gang activity is always in focus and with fellow hoodlums Cubitt, Dallow and Spicer (Geoffrey Rush) Pinkie tries his best to take on Colleonie’s gang. However, a young girl with the name of Rose Wilson (Andrea Riseborough) witness more than she should and has to be dealt with. This sets off a spiral of events leading to both love and hatred.

Pinkie Brown is a very interesting character, unique. Pinkie is only 17 years old but takes on the world as full-grown man. You never know where you have him and this always keeps you on edge. Sam Riley (previously seen in Control) does a phenomenal acting job as this young anti-hero.

Pinkie and Rose

Brighton Rock is a raw, dark and brutal movie.This reflects in the way the film is shoot, which is beautiful. A bit gloomy at times but done with perfection and great talent.

My verdict of the movie is simple. It’s believable, beautiful and filled with interesting characters. The cast really does a great job and I think that the movie is benefitting from its era, the sixties. If you have read the novel and feel that you know the story, you still won’t be disappointed. In this new screen adaption they haven’t only changed the time era they have changed the ending as well. Brighton Rock is spell-bounding, well worth a trip to the cinema!

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  1. May 6, 2011 8:41 PM

    Bra recension! 😀 Den låter bra annars, ska kanske ta och gå och se den själv också!

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